NOLTA 2019『Recent Development of Nonlinear Control Theory and Its Application』


OS開催日: 2019年12月5日 (14:20 - 16:40)

会場: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

概要: Nonlinear control theory is developing rapidly to solve control problems appearing in the recent technical trend. This session provides typical research results of the most advanced nonlinear control theory and its applications. This session is organized by "Investigation research group on a next-generation control theory by searching for the true dynamics" in SICE control division.

オーガナイザ: 西村悠樹(鹿児島大学),佐藤康之(東京理科大学)


  1. Adaptive Compensation for Stability Margin Recovery of Nonlinear Trajectory Tracking Controllers, Yasuyuki Satoh, Hisakazu Nakamura (Tokyo University of Science)
  2. Construction Method of Probabilistic Boolean Networks Based on Imperfect Information, Katsuaki Umiji, Koichi Kobayashi, Yuh Yamashita (Hokkaido University)
  3. Scalable Control of Power Networks, Shinsaku Izumi, Kensuke Nishijima, Xin Xin, Taiga Yamasaki (Okayama Prefectural University)
  4. Stabilization of Fourth-Order Chained System by State-Dependent Rough Signals, Masato Tanaka, Yuki Nishimura (Kagoshima University)
  5. Regulation Mapping Design for Nonlinear System via Revived Transformation, Takuya Hayashi, Hiroki Shudai, Hisakazu Nakamura (Tokyo University of Science)
  6. A New Limit Cycle Control for Multi-modal and 2-dimensional Piecewise Affine Control Systems via Output Feedback, Tatsuya Kai, Shingo Chiku, Koushi Maehara((Tokyo University of Science)